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Modern doors with build-in frames, made-to-measure by ‘ANYWAY doors’

Modern interior doors with invisible door frames “Anyway Doors” IBO: Build-in Frame.

This doorframe in anodised aluminium has to be integrated into the wall finish (plaster, plasterboards, wood, etc.) very carefully by the relevant professional. After full finishing, no doorframe is visible anymore and only the door leaf remains visible positioned in the center of the wall.

Mounting on flat, unfinished solid reveal sides, in stone, cellular concrete, concrete, wood, metal, etc. by means of 6 to 8 fine adjustment discs on rubber anti-vibration mats. This 2-dimensional fine adjustment technique is accurate to 0.25 mm because of the partial integration into the wall.

The door leaf is installed and positioned centrally as standard with regard to the wall thickness. Decentralised is also possible, but never, up to flush with the wall surface, the centre line of the door leaf stays at a minimum of 40 mm from the edge because of mounting stability.

(!) IBO is not possible in all construction situations, see also technical and practical on our website for more information and product specifications or contact us directly.

ANYWAY doors offers multiple innovations as standard on it’s interior door systems:

1 of 2 way opening with a self-closing technique with a convex (♂) spherical shape on the door panel and a concave (♀) hollow shape on the door frame, which allows a perfect closing and positioning of the door panel. The 2 way version is standard and allows the door to be opened resoundingly in 2 directions; however it can be changed easily into a 1 way opening direction as wished. This is really ground breaking!

Adjustable hinge side where the door or turning direction never causes any restriction to the re installation or re-use of spaces.

The by choice either manual or self-closing pivot hinges are invisible in the door panel, hidden behind removable parts (no parts get fixed to either floor or ceiling!). As standard, the self-closing hinges are provided with adjustable active self-closing, a door panel impact and hold position at +90° en -90°, height and depth regulation of the door panel in relation to the closing technique etc. ….

Integrated ventilation system in the closing system, with the equivalent of 10mm underneath a door. With these profiles, ventilation air can pass through without leaking light and letting most acoustics through! For garages or other places where the door has to be as shut as possible, closed profiles are possible for these locations and are a cost free option.

All ANYWAYdoors products are 100% MADE-TO-MEASURE


Please contact us for Export possibilities

Export is only supported for residential environments and facilities. Public and commercial projects are not supported, since our products are designed and tested to be used in residential environments.

We will kindly offer all our knowledge by telephone, e-mail and at our facility’s in Massenhoven (Belgium), but won’t offer support on location, outside the Benelux area. Online manuals will be available on request. Product and installation training is available at our facility.


ANYWAYdoors can also be found on Archello


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