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Anyway Doors, ‘build in’ door frames – for modern and minimalistic frameless doors

Built in, invisible door frames, the minimalistic solution for modern doors by ‘ANYWAY doors’.

The system is called ‘IBO’ at ANYWAY and is already used for several years in very modern interiors with high quality standards. You can view many projects in detail in the photo gallery on our website Photo gallery ANYWAY doors

Further down, we will address all technical aspects of this innovative door frame system and we will guide you through, photo by photo, step by step.

The steps underneath show a door frame that gets finished in to a plaster finished wall, but it can just as well be finished with dry wall, wood, ….

3D view of the ‘finished’ frame, when it’s integrated in the wall’s finish.

‘Anyway doors’ mounts the door frame in the middle of the wall thickness, this has various important reasons, described below:

  • In both room spaces the door looks exactly the same = you don’t benefit either side of the wall
  • By doing this, we mount the system on the most solid space of the wall construction
  • Both sides can be finished equally and will have a stable finish
  • In a certain way, it seems logical since ‘Anyway Doors’ can open both ways (2-way) or can be blocked in 1 direction as desired (1-way). The opening direction can be changed at any time.
  • Even the hinge side can be changed afterwards, because no parts of the hinges are fixed to either floor or ceiling!

Installation photo’s:

The ‘built in’ door frame is being measured when the basic wall’s construction is made, before the finishing starts. The measurements can be taken very early in the construction of the house and the system is designed to be build onto unfinished wall’s.

After taking measurement and ordering the profiles, the system can be installed on the unfinished solid reveal sides:

First the fine adjustment discs on rubber anti-vibration mats are installed on the unfinished reveal sides. Depending on the height, 3 to 4 discs are installed on each side. This three-dimensional fine adjustment technique is accurate to 0.25 mm because of the partial integration into the wall. It also forms vibration free solid fixation point for the door frame itself.

The fine adjustment discs should be fixed with the appropriate fixation material, depending on the wall’s material type and construction type. In this case we used Hilti plugs, 15mm long.

Next, an aluminium Block Frame (BKO) gets installed on top of the fine adjustment discs which were first fully aligned. When the Block Frame is installed, always check that all sides are aligned correct, because no adjustments can be made after the build-in process starts!

Now the Block Frame gets an aluminium cover which will protect the frame during the finishing process of the wall. This profile will be removed later on when the door panel gets installed.

The frame is now completed and ready to get build in to the wall’s finish.

In this example’s case the corner profiles get aligned to the front side of the Block Frame so everything can get finished with plaster. It’s very important that the finish is perfectly aligned to the front of the Block Frame.

!!It’s very important that the finish is perfectly aligned to the front of the Block Frame. This way nothing can block the door’s travel afterwards, if the finish expands to the front, the door may not be able to pass…

Anyway Doors 3D video explaining the different door frames and panels: 

Some fully finished examples:

Please contact us for Export possibilities

Export is only supported for residential environments and facilities. Public and commercial projects are not supported, since our products are designed and tested to be used in residential environments.

We will kindly offer all our knowledge by telephone, e-mail and at our facility’s in Massenhoven (Belgium), but won’t offer support on location, outside the Benelux area. Online manuals will be available on request. Product and installation training is available at our facility.

All products and detailed information can be found on our website:


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